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The person who makes the booking accepts these terms and conditions on behalf of all members of the party and is responsible for all payments due by the party. By making a booking you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age and you have read these Terms and Conditions and agree to comply with them, also that you are acting with the consent of the party you are making the booking for.
We take no responsibility for matters beyond our control, e.g. war, civil unrest, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, bad weather conditions and other circumstances beyond our control.
We cannot be held responsible for building work in the vicinity of the villa. We will do our utmost to inform guests of forthcoming work.
With each reservation a DEPOSIT of 20% is required. This deposit is not refundable. On receipt of your completed Booking Form and deposit, accommodation will be reserved (subject to availability). A confirmation of holiday  reservation and confirmation for the deposit received, will then be forwarded to you. This will also include the driving instructions of how to get to the property booked. The owner reserves the right to refuse or cancel any reservation without being under obligation to assign any reason and will accept no liability in respect of the refusal or cancellation, but shall refund all monies paid by the visitor in respect of such reservation.
The payment will be in Cyprus Pounds and will be calculated on the daily exchange rate converting the Sterling Pounds to Cyprus Pounds.
Air-conditioning is not included in the rental price and it is charged at the time the clients enter the accommodation.
Visitors must clearly understand that the accommodation will NOT BE AVAILABLE BEFORE 3.00p.m on the arrival date. On the day of departure the visitor must arrange to leave NOT LATER THAN 11.00p.m. This enables the villa to be cleaned for the next occupancy. If there is a gap in the change over rental period, guests may be able to stay in the villa until departure time but this must be pre-arranged with the villa owner.
The visitor will be held responsible for any damage or breakages that occur and such incidents must be reported to the Owner and the required compensation paid. Visitors are not permitted to move furniture or equipment without prior consent of the Owner. If approval is given to move anything, it will be the visitors responsibility to return the same to the original position before departure. Equipment must not me moved from the premises for use outside.
Visitors are strongly advised to obtain holiday insurance with suitable cover. The use of the accommodation is at the visitor's risk and no liability will be accepted by the owner for any loss or damage of belongings, or personal injury or death however incurred. Your insurance company will be pleased to advise you.
The visitor and his/her party have the right to occupy the accommodation for the purpose of a holiday only. The accommodation is to be occupied by the confirmed party ONLY and no authority will be given for other persons (other than those accepted by the reservation) to have access or use of accommodation unless permission has been requested and agreed by the Owner. Under no circumstances may the number of persons exceed the maximum number of persons as quoted. It is not permissible to assign, let, part with possession of the accommodation, nor allow any other person other than those named on the Booking Form received to occupy the accommodation.
Be aware that excessive use of electricity may overload the electricity lines with a chance of a power cut.

(a) AIR-CONDITIONING ? The visitor and or his/her party must: be economical with the air-conditioning switching on the units WHEN NEEDED and make sure that, when they leave the villa during their stay, ALL THE UNITS ARE SWITCHED OFF. Ensure that when the air-conditioning units are working ALL DOORS AND WINDOWS have to be closed, as the compressors are likely to be severely damaged. Furthermore, the units themselves may be destroyed depriving to them of their service.

(b) LIGHTINGS ? The visitor and or his/her party must:
Ensure that all indoor and outdoor lightings around the villa are switched off AT NIGHT BEFORE THEY RETIRE. In addition to keep lights on they will attract unwelcome insects and mosquitoes. Make sure to do the same before leaving the villa. Check in the morning to make sure that outdoor lights have not been left on, not always easy to see in the bright sunshine.
All bedding and towels are provided.

Maid service once a week.Mid week service is on request.
No pets allowed.

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